HIIT involves alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with low intensity recovery periods. This repeatedly elevates your heart rate to high levels in short bursts, pushing your metabolism into overdrive.

Fat LossMuscle GainsEndurance

Not all cardio is created equal!

Years of research have shown that HIIT induces more fat loss than steady state cardio. One Canadian study found that participants who performed interval training reduced their body fat by twice as much as those on steady state training regimes.

HIIT improves muscle tone and strength. Another study showed that participants who did HIIT gained nearly 2 pounds of muscle, while participants who did steady-state cardio lost 1 pound of muscle. The HIIT group lost 2% body fat, while the steady state group lost only 0.03%.

Extreme training produces extreme results. One study showed that after 8 weeks on a HIIT programme participants could cycle for twice as long maintaining the same pace.

HIIT Ireland training programmes combine body weight and plyometric (jump training) exercises into 3 intense sessions per week.

Our programmes are delivered by qualified Athletics Ireland coaches, with experience coaching athletes for both recreation and international competition.